Igor and Grichka in: Fort Bogdanoff is a little dungeon crawler I made in Adobe Animate during the Fall of 2018.  The game was my final project for my Programming 1 course and needed to fulfill many requirements.  Each student in the class was given one specific mechanic that they had to develop, mine was loot boxes.  After making jokes all semester about loot boxes, my professor got the last laugh by making me develop them for myself.  I themed the game around bitcoin memes because what’s investing in crypto if not one big loot box.  The most notable mechanic in the game was not the lootboxes however, instead I really like my mini-map mechanic.  It works by checking the player every frame and using a switch case to show the player where in the dungeon they are.  Another notable mechanic is the Bitcoin net worth mechanic.  The players health, ammo, timer and money are all tracked by one number and they need to manage it to accomplish differing tasks.  If you would like to play Fort Bogdanoff click on this Newgrounds (Link).

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