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Constable is a point and click adventure game developed in Adobe Flash (Adobe Animate) made in late 2016.  It was my final project for my Associates Degree and it was a blast to make.  I teamed up with art students who created the games assets.  April West developed the 2D characters and Alex Williams made the 3D environments.  The game was developed by me over the course of five school weeks.  Since that time,  I have added on to the game through a number of revisions.  The game is a murder mystery and the player must solve the mystery before time runs out.  I really enjoyed making a post-mortem video on the successes and failures of the game, which can be found at the bottom of this page.  If you would like to play Constable, you can play it on newgrounds at this (LINK).   If you would like to look at the game’s source code, click on this (LINK) to download the project folder.


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