Full Playthrough:

Jakob’s Wild Ride or it’s longer title Junis Jakob Fridfinnson’s Wild Ride is an arcade game that I made in Adobe Animate during the Fall of 2018 during a three-week period (I did some touching-up on the game after the due date).  The game was developed for a class and had to meet certain requirements.  The main requirement was to make a simple arcade game in AS3 (ActionScript 3) that used radial based collision.

Right away I recalled one of my favorite games for the Game Boy Advance: Kururian Paradise and its sequel Kuru Kuru Kururin.  The game was a wonky Japanese arcade game where the player guided a line through a maze while it was constantly spinning.  I decided to try to replicate this mechanic for Jakob’s Ride because I thought it was a fun mechanic that no one else has played around with for the past 18 years.

As far as the game’s theme, it is a jumbled mess of memes and inside jokes that my friends Scott and Phil (who developed the game’s art and music) and I enjoyed at the time.  Looking at it now, I think the crazy designs stand out as the game’s greatest asset giving it a crazy kinda look that I really enjoy.

While I don’t plan on taking this project any further, I do plan on using the spinning line mechanic for a future mobile game project in an actual game engine. 

If you would like to play the game for yourself you can click on this (LINK) to play it on newgrounds. Note: The sound seems to be a little broken on the newgrounds version, if you would like to play the game perfectly or look at the source code click on this (LINK) to download a zip file of the animate project and open the .SWF in your flash player.


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