Nightmare hunters is a turn-based RPG made in UE4.  This video game was a group project in Winter 2018 that I worked on at Ferris State while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree.  The group members were myself (Jacob Buoy), Adrienne Shaltry, and Nathan Michell.  I did the game design and blueprint coding,  Adrienne designed and created the characters while Nathan focused on developing the story and generating the  2D assets.  If you would like to give the game a try do the (Download Link) that gives you the compressed project folder.  When you have the file downloaded, I recommend decompressing it and dragging the project folder to your desktop.  Then open the folder and launch the exe.  Please email Jacob@BuoyGames to share your comments about the game play.  All comments are appreciated.

(Warning: Due to a bug, the game only has controller support.  I will update this post if I ever get around to fixing this issue)

Full Playthrough:

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