Sally V3.4 was never made.  It was going to be a project that I would have made for a Ferris State course requirement but my idea turned out to be way to massive of an undertaking.  I ended up using only a 5th of what the game was supposed to be which is my game Gustavus’s Rage which you can see at this (LINK) here.  When I was writing the game design document below I never  thought that this game would have been too much of a challenge to create, in its three week deadline.  From this mistake I learned to give my projects appropriate scale and to not put everything I could think of in a game.  All that said, I still really like this game’s concept and recommend giving it a read if you’re interested in seeing my creative process.  Maybe one day I’ll come back to this idea and make something out of it.  If I do,  I’ll be sure to post the game here!

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