Gustavus’s Rage is a historical text-based adventure game that was created as a course project while working on my Bachelor’s degree in late 2017.  The game was written in C# and was built in Visual Studio.  This is my first game that was made without the use of a game engine and shows how far I’ve come as a game designer.  Gustavus’s Rage Is based on military conquests of King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden during the 17th century.  Instead of playing as the King or one of his solders, you instead play as a Norwegian Priest who struggles to stay alive in a war-zone.  Personally, King Gustavus is one of my favorite historical figures, he fought in many glories battles and almost defeated the Holy Roman Empire.  That said, I wanted to show the dark side of war you rarely see, from the perspective of a civilian.  The game is playable as a .exe which you can download here at this (LINK)

Full Playthrough:

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