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Weapon System is a conceptual weapon system that would be seen in a fantasy action-adventure game.  The idea is that you need to consistently change your fighting style between the three stances: Magic, Archery, and Melee.  While this is not completely conveyed with the current build, the system is supposed to work like this: to regain mana for spells you land hits with your bow, to regain arrows you hit things with your hammer, and to regain stamina for hitting things with said hammer you use your spells.  I got this idea from playing tons of recent RPGs which all tend to allow players to fall in their comfort zones.  This system would force players to change up their move sets and adapt to the game play.  One day, I’m hoping to use this system in a full game, but until then I’m hosting the files on this (LINK) others can have fun messing around with the idea.  If you want to download just the game, then follow this (LINK)

Since this is not a full release, stuff like a tutorial are absent of this current build. To play, use the WASD keys to walk around, SPACEBAR to jump, and 1,2,3 to cycle through the different weapons.  Each weapon has a soft and hard attack that are accessed with a left and right mouse click.

Click on this page to download the projects process book.
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